Current Conditions      
°C Hi °C | Lo °C
  • Feels Like: °C
  • Sunrise: 6:06 AM
  • Wind: at kmph
  • Sunset: 5:41 PM
  • Humidity: %
  • UV Index: -
Humidity 96%
Wind CALM calm kmph
Lo 23°C | Hi 32°C
AM Clouds
Wednesday, 26 Oct
Lo 23°C | Hi 32°C
AM Clouds
Wednesday, 26 Oct Night      
T-Storms Early
Humidity 93%
Wind ESE 8 kmph
Thursday, 27 Oct
Lo 23°C | Hi 31°C
Sct T-Storms
Thursday, 27 Oct Night      
Isolated T-Storms
Humidity 91%
Wind ESE 6 kmph
Friday, 28 Oct
Lo 23°C | Hi 32°C
P Cloudy
Friday, 28 Oct Night      
T-Storms Late
Humidity 92%
Wind ENE 4 kmph
Saturday, 29 Oct
Lo 22°C | Hi 31°C
AM T-Storms
Saturday, 29 Oct Night      
T-Storms Early
Humidity 87%
Wind E 8 kmph
Sunday, 30 Oct
Lo 22°C | Hi 31°C
P Cloudy
Sunday, 30 Oct Night      
Mostly Clear
Humidity 84%
Wind ENE 11 kmph
Monday, 31 Oct
Lo 22°C | Hi 31°C
PM T-Storms
Monday, 31 Oct Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 86%
Wind NE 8 kmph
Tuesday, 01 Nov
Lo 22°C | Hi 31°C
AM Showers
Tuesday, 01 Nov Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 81%
Wind ENE 14 kmph
Wednesday, 02 Nov
Lo 21°C | Hi 31°C
P Cloudy
Wednesday, 02 Nov Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 83%
Wind ENE 9 kmph

Laos weather Overview

The yearly climatic conditions in Laos are characterized by the annual monsoon weather cycles that are common to all of the mainland Southeast Asian region. While having the common wet and a dry monsoon climate, Laos’s weather is typically explained in three main basic seasons. Between May and July the southwest monsoon season settles in and continues up to November every year. This monsoon season is typically followed by a comparatively dry period which continues from November up to May. This time of the year is usually characterized by lower temperature levels and cooler breezes resulting from the Asian regions’ northeast monsoon cycle which bypass a major part of Laos. The pleasant climatic conditions prevail until mid February except for the areas like Hua Phan, Phongsali and Xieng Khuang which experience different climatic patterns as they are bound to receive the rainfall originating from China and Vietnam during April and May, a time which is typically dry in other parts of Laos.

Level of precipitation significantly varies in different parts of the country depending on the specific latitude and altitude. The areas typically receiving the highest annual precipitation are eastern Champasak, Khammuan, Boliksamsai and other provinces falling under the highlands of Vientiane.  The annual temperature averages too differ according to the respective altitude. The Mekong River Valley area generally reflects a yearly humid temperature level between 15°C and 38°C while mountain areas like Xieng Khuang have year round cooler temperature levels.

Laos Weather by Month